Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a tap to install a C-Sert?2021-01-26T13:08:21-08:00

No.  C-Serts are self-tapping.

Do I need thread locker?2021-01-26T13:08:12-08:00

No. C-Serts cut their way in. They make a tight interference fit. So any thread locker would just get squeezed out as the C-Sert bores in.

What keeps C-Serts in place?2021-01-26T13:08:05-08:00

Friction, pure and simple. The C-Sert’s external tapping threads produce more friction than the fastener’s torque rating.

Can I remove a C-Sert?2021-01-26T13:07:57-08:00

Yes, you can. Just use the same hex installer, but turn it clockwise.

If I remove a C-Sert, can I use it to repair another damaged hole?2021-01-26T13:07:49-08:00

Yes, you can. C-Serts are taps and can be reused, just like a tap.

Why do C-Serts have left-handed external threads?2021-01-26T13:07:42-08:00

If you use an impact wrench to remove a stuck bolt from a C-Sert, the L-H external threads prevent the C-Sert from backing out with the bolt.

Can I use an impact to install C-Serts?2021-01-26T13:07:35-08:00

No. Use a ratchet or, for larger sizes, a torque multiplier.

In what types of metal can C-Serts be installed?2021-01-26T13:07:28-08:00

In mild steel, high carbon steel, alloy steels (like 4130), cast iron; in aluminum and magnesium; in copper, brass and bronze. They also work in 400 Series stainless, but not well in 300 Series stainless.

Can I install C-Serts in hardened steels?2021-01-26T13:07:21-08:00

Yes, but only up to around 34RC.

Can C-Serts be installed in through holes?2021-01-26T13:07:12-08:00

Yes.  But most applications are in blind holes.

When I install a C-Sert, can I use the same size bolt as before?2021-01-26T13:07:04-08:00

Yes.  The fastener size remains the same.

Can C-Serts withstand high temperatures?2021-01-26T13:06:57-08:00

Yes. They won’t loosen, but they lose some of their hardness at over 1100 degrees Fahrenheit (base metal temperature, not ambient temperature).

What are C-Serts made from?2021-01-26T13:06:49-08:00

From S-7 high-impact tool steel, through-hardened to 56RC. Our C-Sert Mini’s are made from 8620 gear steel, case hardened to 62RC.

When I buy C-Serts, what comes with them?2021-01-26T13:06:39-08:00

An installer, cutting fluid, and instructions. And, at your option, a drill bit (for C-Serts up to 1” and 24mm). For opening up large C-Serts’ pilot holes, another option we offer is annular cutters.

Where are C-Serts made?2021-01-26T13:06:31-08:00

Los Angeles, California, USA.

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