Our Patented C-Sert Design

How C-Serts Work

C-Sert Integral Pilot

C-Serts are TAPS – they cut their way in. The integral pilot ensures they start straight. It’s just .003 – .004 smaller than the hole you have opened up.

C-Sert Left Hand Engagement Threads

If you need to remove a stuck bolt from a C-Sert, the L-H external threads prevent the C-Sert from backing out with the bolt.

C-Sert Thread Chasing

The slots drive the C-Serts. They also clean up any damaged or defective bolt that gets used by mistake.

C-Sert Acme Profile

The ACME profile is far stouter than ordinary sharp crested threads. It prevents thread failure and pull-out.

C-Sert Chip Relief

Just like a standard tap, C-Serts have chip relief to reduce tool pressure, lands to support the tapping teeth, and flutes to clear chips.

C-Sert Tapping Slots

This is classic tap geometry – cutting teeth, chip relief, lands and flutes. As chips form, they curl into the C-Sert’s hollow center for removal later.

C-Sert S-7 Tool Steel