Drill Annular Cutter


When people open up a C-Sert’s pilot hole out in the plant or in the field, usually they are using a mag drill.  A big one.  A heavy one. It’s awkward to position, and it’s slow. Often it requires an overhead crane or a sling.


The C-Sert System uses a light weight (29 lb) mag drill, a custom 60-degree center for positioning, and hollow annular cutters in place of drill bits.

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The C-Sert System Advantages

  • 1 man operation

  • Accurate centering

  • Fast set-up

  • Fast production

  • Concentric, nominal pilot holes

  • Safer than a 100 lb mag drill

Mag Drill Instructions

Mag Drill Step 1

Install the 60 degree center

Mag Drill Step 2

Energize the drill’s magnet

Mag Drill Step 3

Center the drill

Mag Drill Step 4

Install the annular cutter and open up the hole – first pass

Mag Drill Step 5

Repeat Step #4 with a larger cutter – final pass

Mag Drill the Basics